Buyer beware of the Carter 2 Motorsports scam! If you are a Driver, Sponsor, or worker, these are facts you need to know before choosing to associate with Roger and Dana Upright Royal, aka Dana Carter of Carter 2 Motorsports!

Nashville Arca Race scam alert!!

Roger Carter has been trying to raise money under the pretense of offering drivers the opportunity to compete in the Nashville ARCA 200 Race in April, 2016, BE ADVISED that Roger does not have any cars, and is on the run from law enforcement authorities from muliple cities around the eastern United States and he is BANNED from all ARCA racing events, so any claims he makes to anyone that he will have cars entered in the April ARCA Nashville 200 race, are completely fraudulent!!
 If you give ROGER CARTER any money, you can consider that money as lost!
For mor information, please read the info in the following links!
Rubbin's Racin Official C2M Thread
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Drivers BEWARE!
Be advised that if you are a driver, the best you can expect to get for your money is a dismal performance, and most likely, a start n park, if the car starts at all, like what happened to the Roger Carter Motorsports #40 car at the 2015 Winchester race when the car wouldn't even run, and teh same happened at the Chicago race in 2015! The average race car driver wants to be able to compete in the race, and have a fair chance to get a respectable finish, not take the green flag, only to have to park the car after only a lap because the engine was overheated at the previous week's race track! Definitely not Championship material!
Sponsors Beware
Be advised that if you give money to Roger and/or Dana Carter, you may, or may not see your ad on the car, and almost definitely not on TV! The reason is that their cars never perform well enough to get shown on TV! The TV cameras are almost always focused on the front running cars, and just about the only time you'll see the Carter cars on TV is when they stall out on the track and cause a caution, so, we ask you, do you really want that kind of exposure for your product?
Workers Beware!
Workers and pit crew members, Beware! There are thousands of racers out there who have hopes and dreams of making in to big time racing, and there are great teams that you can get on with, BUT, Roger Carter Racing is one that you need to steer clear of! They will get you in, be nice and welcome you in, and within a few days, you'll find yourself enslaved and even spending your own money to survive rather that making money! Roger Carter has a very bad temper, and desperately needs long term Anger Management counseling! He gets angry very easliy, and throws things, kicks cars, and other people's property, and breaks things!
Car Owners

If you own an Nascar or ARCA Race car, DO NOT lease or loan a race care to Roger and/or Dana Carter, Carter 2 Motorsports, or C2M! You most likely will not get paid, and could even lose your car completely AND never get paid!
  Below are the facts to back up the info we've shared so far!
  Drivers and Sponsors, this is a link to the Ripoff Report that describes how Roger Ripped off a driver and a Children's home of $31,500; Ripoff Report; Roger Carter
  This is a link to Roger's latest arrest in Springfield, Tennessee!
  Arrested in Kentuckey for bad checks in access of $10,000 after being released from Jail in Tennessee for being a Fugative from Justice!
  These are links to the stories of Roger's 2014 arrest for running a RV scam and a consumer complaint about this scam!
RV Scam and RV scam arrest
  Click HERE to read the story of Roger's arrest and conviction for Attempting to obtain property under false pretenses!
  On 23 August, 2015, Roger and Dana were arrested for IDENTITY THEFT, FORGERY OF INSTRUMENT, and MISDEMEANOR LARCENY, and Dana was arrested with 3 counts of FELONY PROBATION VIOLATION OUT OF COUNTY! Here's the link for their latest arrests!
If you have information you'd like to share, we will be sure to post it as long as it's verifiable, and if you'd like to share your story of how you were victimized in any way by Roger and Dana Carter, we will be glad to post your story and will use an alias name or your's if you prefer, please email us at